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Play the classic first person shooter Battlefield for free with this application that includes multiplayer modes

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Battlefield Play4Free is a first-person shooter game playable online against other live competitors using several battlefields included in the free online download for Windows. Not a true software download, the program is a Web application and is played using a browser. The game is another product from the makers of the popular Battlefield Heroes game. The free download was first published in March 2011, and it has gained tens of thousands of users since.

The ability to have 32-player battles fought out in tanks, helicopters, airplanes and other vehicles, and in sandbox-style game play makes Battlefield Play4Free one of the most popular first-person military shooter games available. It improves upon the prior Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online games by combining the maps of both versions and allowing users to play in 16 different vehicles and on different game levels.

Battle vehicles available include the M1 Abrams battle tank and the Russian T-90 primary battle tank. Troops can be ferried in the lightning-quick LSV light-strike vehicle and protected with the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter and the jet-powered F35 VTOL fighter.

As players advance through different levels and acquire experience and new fighting skills, they earn game currency to buy new weapons and equipment made available at differing points. Photo-realistic characters, vehicles and backgrounds add to the realism with excellent graphics, particularly for a free download. A fast pace keeps the action coming quickly, and the many levels of play allow for hours of fun and excitement.

Players can create their own soldiers before entering battle by choosing among snipers, assault specialists, medics and others. The uniforms and the look of the soldiers are adjustable to a limited degree. It is possible to run into identical players when completing with and against other live players online, although that is unlikely. Still, regular users can plan on seeing at least some that look similar if not the same.

Intended for use with Windows operating systems, players can simply download the app and install an add-on that in turn will install the game on a Web browser. New users will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage and are likely to die quickly when first learning the game. But as game skills and experience are acquired along with new weapons, play scenarios last longer until the player eventually becomes one of the many highly skilled competitors making easy work of newcomers, while they gain points and play experience along the way.

Some aspects of the game also are overly emphasized, like the advantage of an attack jet over ground troops and vehicles. While a devastating weapon, ground troops and vehicles do have effective counter measures, such as surface-to-air missiles. But once all the gaming nuances are understood, users will have hours of great fun with Battlefield Play4Free for Windows.


Multiple online players

Great graphics

Exciting online play

Tanks, helicopters, planes, motorcycles and more vehicles


Only playable on compatible Web browser

New users find controls cumbersome

Minor glitches give a great advantage to some weapons

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